What is Digital Marketing

As digital marketers, we come across this question on quite a number of occasions. While our answers may differ from others in the industry, we felt this was a great start to better understand the basics of what we do and how it can help your business or nonprofit.

Digital marketing is a form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content on the Internet, mainly through social media, blogs, websites. Digital marketers use data they have collected to direct their digital campaigns. It includes email marketing, search engine optimization, social media, mobile advertising, and many other forms of online ads.

The goal of digital marketing is to influence customer action by using an Internet connection. The main benefit of using digital techniques instead of traditional ones is that customers are exposed to the brand’s content more often. Digital marketing also provides a way to track and assess results, which is very difficult when using traditional methods.

What kind of companies use digital marketing?

More and more companies are using digital marketing these days because it’s cheaper and helps them connect with their audiences in the right place and at the right time. Digital marketing has become so popular that there are 3 types of businesses- those who have dipped their toes in but haven’t made much progress, those who have succeeded at it, and those trying desperately to figure out what they’re doing wrong! The first two groups are leading the pack while the last group is losing valuable ground. One problem that all three faces though is being overwhelmed by how much it is available online for free.

What does Digital Marketing mean?

Digital marketing can be used in many ways and target different aspects such as customer behavior, practices, and needs. It involves the use of channels and strategies like search engine optimization, social media, e-mail, display advertising, and related Web traffic. This form of marketing uses technology to catch attention and ensure a market is reached through social media or other forms of internet marketing. Social media consists of websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., which allows users to interact with each other based on shared interests, opinions, and ideas. Users can share their opinions and feedback about products, services, or companies, which other users may find useful.

What does Digital Marketing mean to us?

We believe that digital marketing is the best way of promoting your business nowadays. It can be done through organic and paid advertising. Every business has its own goals, but the common one is to make their customers buy more products or services. Also, companies are constantly trying to update their websites in order for them to have an increase in web traffic which will result in profits. The Internet allows businesses to focus on who their target audience is rather than only focusing locally because anyone from all around the world could be a potential customer with just a couple of clicks on his/her computer or smartphone.

Digital marketing simply means reaching out to potential customers through different channels like email, social media, websites, etc., online advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry that is constantly growing. Every company whether big or small has to use this form of promoting their products and services in order to stay afloat.


We would say that Digital Marketing does make a difference because it helps businesses build a relationship with their customers, which results in better advertising and stronger brand awareness. It also allows you to analyze your target audience’s behavior so you could adapt your efforts towards them more accurately which would eventually result in higher conversion rates. I personally think it is difficult for companies that do not have any sort of online presence. With digital marketing, creating an image about your business becomes much easier than before when the only way people could find out about you was through word-of-mouth or print ads.

What do you think digital marketing is about? We are curious to know what you think about this line of work and how we can better serve our community. Drop us a line with your questions or schedule a strategy session today.

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