Digital Marketing Services for Small Businesses, Contractors, and Non-Profits

When clients, contractors, and non-profits see our material, they immediately want to know what our internet marketing strategy is, how it works, and how we've been able to get to the top of the search engines and generate a slew of inbound calls and sales.

We want to help you understand exactly what we do and how we generate these amazing results!

At That One Firm, we provide digital marketing services that help to improve your company's visibility online such as SEO, PPC, and Reputation Management. Because we are a full-service internet marketing company, you get all services at one place that will help your business grow online.

We manage your online presence which includes both steering potential customers to your website as well as making sure they become long-term clients by converting them into repeat buyers and assuring customer retention.

Catered Marketing Solutions 

Your website, of course, is your online face and your brand's identity that has the potential of reaching millions- so it needs to be given due attention! And That One Firm's Digital Marketing solutions can help you just with that.

Our internet marketing services are tailor-made for small businesses, contractors, and nonprofit organizations looking to create new leads and improve their online presence.

As a team of internet marketing experts, we assess your company's needs and design a strategy that fits it perfectly. We start with search engine optimization analysis to evaluate the ranking of your website on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Our next step is our reputation management service which helps you get noticed through your business listings on search engines.

Systematically Designed For Success 

After the business profiles are taken care of, we move on to giving your website a new look that suits your business model perfectly.

We work with you to understand exactly what you need from your web presence for it to be successful; then we make it easy for your customers to procure your services.

Once the analysis, business profiles, and website are done, we focus our attention on building out your citations and link profiles. And continuously add relevant content to your site to keep it fresh and indexable on a variety of industry-specific keywords. And when necessary, we also manage any pay-per-click advertising needs you may have. 

A quick overview of our digital marketing services

User-Centered Web Design Is More Important Than Ever

The internet has changed the game in terms of branding and acquiring new customers. The type of web design you select has an influence on how potential consumers perceive you and your brand. Many people looking for your services on the internet are newcomers to the area or seeking for a trustworthy company or service provider.

The goal of your website is to create a good first impression. It will allow potential customers to perceive you as a trustworthy business with whom they may do business.

A good website won't only look fantastic and represent your company well; it will also contain the appropriate conversion elements to pique clients' interest in calling you. Above all else your website should convert on even the slowest of internet connections and render properly in a mobile environment


Of web traffic happens in a mobile device


Of Users are 25-34 yrs old

3+ hrs

On average is spent online a day

Source: Statista.com  

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Effective Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a type of internet marketing that allows home service providers and small enterprises to target their ideal audience online at an affordable price.

PPC marketing is a great way to drive instant traffic to branded landing pages and get calls immediately. Our PPC specialists have years of experience helping contractors and service providers increase their sales through multi-layered targeting and smart retargeting.


The First Internet Ad Appeared


ROI from PPC Ads


Of Americans Use The Internet To Find Local Businesses 

Source: TechJury

Effective Search Engine Optimization

Although we enjoy nostalgia, it's no longer the late 20th century. Customers used to locate you in the Yellow Pages or through word of mouth in the past. Today, recommendations are still quite common, but phone books have given way to search engines.

Customers are looking for your services on Google and Bing, so it's critical that your company appears in the search results so they can click on your website and contact you.

SEO has been our wheelhouse for nearly two decades. We know what works and what doesn’t. Algorithm changes don’t scare us; we change with the times. If you want real, tangible results, working with a company like ours is crucial.


of all website traffic comes from organic search.


of search queries contain four words or more.


of pages have no backlinks.

Source: Ahrefs

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Essential Reputation Management

Your company's reputation may make or ruin it. That is why maintaining a good online image is so essential! Reputation management allows you to get in front of people who are talking about your organization.

A reputation strategy allows you to turn negative comments and reviews into an opportunity to win back customers by using them as a chance to reaffirm your brand's value and establish yourself as a trustworthy business. Responding to both good and bad feedback shows that your company is reliable and cares about the customer experience.


of online users have written a positive review.


of online users have written a negative review.


of online users report trusting online reviews.

Source: StatusLabs

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