That One Firm Inc. Referral Program

That One Firm pays for referrals that are given to us that sign up for our services. If you know a small business that could stand to increase their lead generation and could benefit from our services, send them our way and when they sign up you can earn up to $200.00*! Sound good? Great! Let’s connect.

Send us all of the details about your referral, including name, company size, and why you think they would benefit from our services. If the referral signs up for an account with That One Firm, we will pay you up to $200*! The type of the referred party and the chosen package will determine how much you can earn.

We need at least 30 days to bring your referral onto one of our programs and send them a proposal. We also require that you have the legal authority to make the referral. If you believe this applies to you or someone that you know, let us know! The sooner you can send this information to us, the better.

Thank you for being diligent with your referrals. We are excited to work together to help small businesses increase their lead generation and successfully attract more customers!

Best regards,

That One Firm

  • Signup bonus is paid out after 30 days of contract execution. That One Firm will send a payment to the referring party within 30 days of receiving payment from the client. The referred party must make at least an initial month’s payment as well as continue to pay for 1 full billing cycle in order to receive funds from your referral. That One Firm reserves the right to change these referral terms at any time without notice.
  • The referred party must be new to our services (not an existing client that was previously serviced by That One Firm) in order for you to receive your signup bonus; also, no other parties are eligible for the signup bonus. For example, if you refer a friend that already has an active service account with That One Firm you will not eligible to receive the referral payout. You can only send us one referral at any given time; however, you are welcome to sign up again with another referral when the first is completed (provided it meets all referral terms).