Our story as digital marketers in the Tacoma area and the South Sound goes back many years. More specifically it’s been 15 years, a couple of business names, two political action committees, numerous advocacy groups, and a whole lot of schooling since we first came on the scene.

When we first started back in 2007, our company name was Jobbertown Media and we worked on advancing the digital footprint for our clients through local SEO. During those early years, we also worked with local activists on important issues to the community. We found ourselves helping like-minded people build out entities like the Tacoma Food Co-Op, Go Local Tacoma, and others.

Chris McManus and Kris Brannon 2012
Rest In Power Sonics Guy!

From 2010 – 2013 we found ourselves involved in multiple political campaigns and we took time away from the business so that we could focus on the success of those efforts. These years were some of the most intense workloads we had experienced ever. Alot of our success in the political arena stemmed from our work in the marketing field, and the digital world. One of our campaigns even ended up being on the front page of many news publications across the country.

From 2014 to 2020 we were pretty quiet on the business front. We worked with a hand full of clients while one of the founders Chris headed back to school and finished his education. Chris would end up finishing his Master’s Degree in Media Psychology early in 2020 just as the Coronavirus pandemic happened. During that year, we decided it was time to change things up a little on the business front and go through a rebranding campaign.

We spent the last year establishing what we believe to be an organization that has industry disruption in its DNA. For starters, That One Firm Inc is registered in the state of Washington as an S Corp and identifies as a woman-owned company. Most other marketing companies in the country still employ a top-down hierarchy when it comes to their business model, meaning they have one owner and that is it. That One Firm Inc on the other hand employs a round table business model, our other founder Leah maintaining the majority of shares in the company while offering all our staff the opportunity to own their shares of the corp as well. Think of That One Firm as being the REI of the marketing industry.

Looking forward, our mission is to continually give back to the community through service and education while helping individuals and companies overcome the hurdles that can happen with digital marketing. While That One Firm Inc is a relatively new company, we have been here for almost two decades trucking away in the background. If you come across a need or know of someone that needs help in their digital marketing don’t hesitate in contacting us. We pride ourselves on transparency and getting results for our clients. We want to grow, and the best way for us to achieve this is to help you grow.

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