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That One Firm Inc. is a firm dedicated to solving the hurdles that small business owners have when it comes to their digital marketing. We focus on one of two methodologies: We can teach you to do it yourself or we can do it for you. Media Literacy with Digital Marketing and SEO

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Why would You Hire That One Firm Inc for your digital marketing?

That One Firm is unique in its digital marketing services. 

Here are five reasons why someone would hire That One Firm Inc.:

  • We have a deep understanding of digital media and how it works. We can help businesses harness the power of digital marketing to reach their target market.
  • We are highly experienced in providing digital marketing services. We have been helping businesses grow for many years, and know how to get great results.
  • We are highly reliable. We always deliver on our promises and work hard to ensure that our clients are happy with the results.
  • We are cost effective. We offer a range of different services on a flexible fee structure that allows businesses to get great results on their budgets.
  • We have a unique insight into the digital media industry, and can help provide ideas for other avenues of marketing a business might not have considered before.

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Digital Marketing Case Study

Sustained Business Growth Over Time

Hardwood Floor Company

Recession Proof Growth


Years of Partnership


Flooring leads Yrly Avg


Ranked Keywords


Increase in consumer visibility

We first met the owner of the company at a networking event in 2008. The housing market has just bottomed out in the United States. Fears of a long term recession where the talk of the town. Individuals had not yet embraced the full potential of digital marketing and SEO. He himself had very limited understanding of the internet.

Since then, the owner has relied on our insights and strategies continuously while integrating some of the media literacy skills we taught him. In his own words, "there was a point where I either made a house payment or worked with Chris on my marketing. To this day I still have my house, my business, and more!" 

Brand New Trailer

We created their logo in 2008!

From Truck To Fleet

How can you tell a company is growing? When they add to their fleet. 


Great Work!

We would not pass the opportunity to work with such highly skilled tradespeople. 

What To Expect From Your Digital Marketing 

Overall, one should expect continued progressive growth in one's business when one employs digital marketing in their marketing mix. This impact can be compared to adding an extra limb onto your body which provides extra functions while still being able to work with the rest of the body's existing limbs. 

Digital marketing is unique because it enables you to use more than just traditional advertising methods such as television ads or billboards by using the internet instead, which considerably increases your audience size and ensures that your brand stays connected with your target market. 

Additionally, digital marketing enables businesses to track their progress and measure their results so that they can fine-tune their campaigns as necessary for continued success. All in all, employing digital marketing provides a wealth of opportunities for businesses to grow and reach new heights. 

With the rapid expansion of digital media into every aspect of our lives, businesses must be literate in this area and That One Firm is the perfect partner to help you achieve success in the digital age. 


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